Meet the Team

Srishti Manna

Ever since she fell in love with a myna outside her crib’s window, Srishti Manna adores wildlife. If asked, she loves them equally and cannot choose a favourite animal. Yet, she will stand (guiltily) in a corner if a wasp enters the room and will pester people to get it out. She is a dreamer; she hopes to see the wildest and strangest species from every part of the world. An indecisive ambivert, Srishti is fond of watching movies, reading, singing (secretly) and dancing, travelling, photography and—as evidenced by this blog—writing.

Isha Sen

Aspiring blogger, and a nature enthusiast; she dabbles in this and that. Would come up with ideas but needs a Srishti in life to follow it with action. She indulgences in a bit of everything, be it sketching, painting , reading , dancing, football, karate, till she gets bored and shuts herself off from the world to watch K-drama. Green Lens is Isha’s first venture into giving writing a go.

Stella George

She believes God is love. She abhors all anthropocentric approaches, realising the fight is about finding the middle ground between ecological wisdom and social justice. With a unique eye, she is passionate about capturing raw beauty and as an over-thinker, she occasionally pens down her thoughts. Apart from greenery, singing brings a smile to her face.