Dark Clouded Yellow Butterfly

A migratory species that is found from North Africa to Europe to parts of India in China in almost all kind of habitats that are within it’s flying range. It is predominant in non-grazed areas of grass or flowery areas between the months of May and October. Preferring the dominance of legume plants in its habitat, the plants also enable it to lay it’s approximate 600 eggs on the leaflets.

Clouded Yellow is a least concern species in the IUCN category as it camouflages easily and so does it’s light green pupa. While feeding, this butterfly only resides 3-4 seconds on a flower that too with closed wings!

Scientific name: Colias croceus

6 replies on “Dark Clouded Yellow Butterfly”

Awesome! Atleast Green lens made one positive influence 😋. Well hopefully someday you’ll click one and upload one too here!


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